Auto Ticketing
Allows agencies to be more productive by eliminating human errors

Auto Ticketing is a robotic application that automatically issues tickets based on pre-defined business logic and without human intervention. Its main purpose is to automate tasks that are often performed manually by travel agents.

Auto Ticketing
Key Features & Benefits of Auto Ticketing
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy

    • processes faster any booking at any time 24 x 7
    • reduces drastically cost compared to manual human processing
    • pre-defined business logic eliminates human possible errors
    • can process any number of queues in parallel

  • Automation of laborious and repetitive tasks

    • business logic can be fully customized to agency needs
    • support various processes for published and private fares, various payments methods, split ticketing and
    • adapted to any specific process that agency requires
    • creates back office elements for accurate accounting