Powerful yet simple web services solution for developers of travel sites

TripXML API is a powerful yet simple web services solution for developers of travel sites and travel applications. With TripXML customers can easily integrate with Amadeus using any programming language on any platform.

Because TripXML encapsulates the communication and specifics of the travel connection, developers will implement applications faster. TripXML customers benefit from speed to market and an improved return on investment.

Key Features & Benefits of TripXML API
  • Faster integration

    • Reduces development costs by up to 50% compared to traditional web services integration
    • Facilitates development process due to its architecture design
    • Web services based on the OTA (Open Travel Alliance) specifications for the travel industry
    • Uses SOAP over http and provides WSDL for tighter integration

  • Service oriented and rapid deployment:

    • Based on a reliable service-oriented architecture, scalable and optimized for maximum performance
    • Built to support travel and Internet standards.
    • Support for standards translates into lower cost of development and greater return on investment.

  • Simplified web services message

    • Session-less message allow for easier implementation and more robust application
    • Simple and effective authentication
    • Amadeus message versions managed internally by TripXML and transparent to user

  • Aggregation and orchestration

    • Possibility to search and aggregate content from multiple office IDs with different parameters for each office ID
    • Orchestration allows grouping of various process steps into one message on user side, for example TripXML booking message will manage various Amadeus messages that are needed to create a booking.
    • Aggregation and orchestration allow for much faster development time and more robust implementation